Managed Care brokers consistently consider StarLine one of the top markets for Provider Excess, Medical Excess of Loss Reinsurance and HMO Re, describing our collective team as responsive, innovative, proficient and compassionate.
— TODD GALLITZ, Executive Vice President, Underwriting

In today’s market the uncertainty of future healthcare expenditures has never been greater. The unprecedented costs of emerging cellular and genomic pharmacy treatments, coupled with the loss of revenue resulting from CV-19, requires risk management solutions that are innovative and forward thinking. StarLine’s team of highly experienced associates are here to help you achieve your financial goals. Contact us to learn more about our client-specific solutions tailored towards your own risk tolerance and exposures.

Core Capabilities

Working with an abundance of underwriting prowess; rating tools, actuarial models along with the underlying experience of the health plan, provider or other licensed risk bearing entities, StarLine Underwriters are able to provide a range of coverage options for the client to determine which suits them the best.

Our reinsurance partners are licensed throughout the US as well as jurisdictions throughout the world. Based on our knowledge with commercial, Medicare and Medicaid populations, we have the ability to underwrite all Managed Care products including Stop Loss, with a holistic view, combining the client’s experience and results for all their risks, which Managed Care specialty brokers consider as a positon of strength for their clients.

Provider Excess of Loss Insurance

Increasingly, Health Care Providers/Accountable Care Organizations are accepting financial risk for the health outcomes of their patients. Whether it is through capitation, shared-risk agreements, bundled payments or other risk arrangements, these providers require a partner that understands the complexity of these risks.

For more than two decades, StarLine has been that partner. We bring a team of experienced professionals and first-in-class carrier partnerships to the relationship. Our team of associates has been in this business for decades and our experience covers all geographic regions, lines of business and coverage offerings.

Whether you have inpatient, outpatient, physician or pharmacy risk — or any combination of the above, we can develop a solution specifically for you. With a filed specific and aggregate policy in most states and access to an E&S company for non-standard exposure, we have the means to deliver the solution you need.

HMO Reinsurance and Medical Excess of Loss Reinsurance

Whether you represent an HMO, regional insurance company, captive, municipal pool or risk retention group, we have the ability to design a risk transfer solution. We offer excess of loss reinsurance solutions through several highly rated reinsurance partners.

We bring an experienced team of professionals that understands the different memberships that your plan may enroll. We routinely work with Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and other government memberships, both in individual or group health settings.

We tailor the covered services, coverage terms and claim basis to the unique needs of each plan. For those plans looking for creative structures to improve their cash position over traditional products, we have several different custom solutions. Never interested in taking a “cookie cutter” approach, we work with you to create the product that meets your plan’s needs.