In the words of Florence Nightingale, “Working hard is how to be successful.” At StarLine, we work hard for you to be successful.
— DOUG BLOOMQUIST, Senior Vice President, Claims and Orion

Early intervention is crucial in managing potential catastrophic claims. Orion offers a variety of programs to strengthen clients existing cost control efforts by monitoring program performance and providing appropriate geographic coverage, market presence, cost savings, and service. We do this by collaborating with vendors who are industry leaders in cost containment and offering the benefits of those partnerships to our business partners.

The Orion Navigator Team

Orion Navigator is a team of experienced professionals bringing a combined approach of problem solving skills to the table of complex case management. Through providing services that will wrap around our clients, we offer innovative and trusted solutions to the most complex issues of cost containment in our industry. This is our unique way of providing a safety net for managing complex, high cost, out of network and specialty claims.

  • Orion Nurse Consultants are registered nurses with experience in case management, transplant contracting, oncology, critical care, specialty pharmacy, and complex care management.
  • Our Vendors offer a suite of comprehensive cost-containment programs that are designed to provide the most impact in controlling costs, from first dollar through catastrophic claims.
  • Orion has collaborated with multiple transplant vendors, all industry leaders, to provide cost containment re-pricing opportunities for our clients. These vendors have networks throughout the entire continental United States and include Centers of Excellence for all tissue and solid organ transplants.
  • Risk analysis and large claim review are offered by our team to provide objective medical input in support of StarLine’s claims and underwriting objectives to provide objective medical input when called upon.
  • Oncology Consulting is offered to help assist in cost containment strategies for your most complex, high dollar oncology claims. Our services and expertise include; review of complex cancer cases, perform analysis of experimental and investigational treatments, assess for appropriateness of care and assistance in referral to a cancer care network.