Personal Accident

Our personal accident insurance solutions are designed for employers dedicated to providing
comprehensive coverage and benefits for Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability
when they need it most. For example, when employees are:

  • Working outside their country of residence and your current Life,
    AD&D and Disability plans won’t cover them or no cover exists.
  • Covered by your Life/AD&D and Disability plans while working in countries
    where serious risk to injury and death exists due to ongoing hostilities but
    an exclusion for war/acts of war is included restricting benefits.
  • Employed as a result of a government contract and benefits provided by the
    Defense Base Act are not sufficient in terms of death and disability benefits
  • Traveling on company business putting them at risk for an accident that
    could result in an injury or loss of life and no additional AD&D protection
    for such travel/trips is provided in your current benefit package.
  • Covered for additional AD&D benefits while traveling on company business
    ​but standard coverage is limited in terms of:
    • Long-term assignments where the employee’s new location is deemed
      their regular place of employment and “trip” cover ends;
    • Rotational employees because the travel to/from the worksite is considered
      ​commuting and the worksite is their regular place of employment; and/or
    • riding or driving in a company owned/leased vehicle as part of assigned
      occupational duties.
  • Highly compensated and eligible for LTD benefits but would not receive the
    stated % of salary in the LTD plan due to restrictive monthly maximums.
  • Essential to the success of your business and in the event of an accident
    would no longer be able to work due to their death or disability which would
    cause a severe financial loss to your company.
  • Under an employment contract that provides for continued disability benefits
    if such contract is terminated and in the event such termination occurs the
    employee can no longer be covered under your current LTD plan.

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